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17 Jun 2020

Nitro’s 6th Ampuversary…

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Hi friends – it’s been awhile since I posted on our blog. We’re all fine, and adjusting to “the new normal” – man, how I’ve come to despise that term! I thank God everyday that when we were going through the cancer journey with Nitro that started 6 years ago today,  we didn’t have THESE times to deal with. I couldn’t imagine having that added stress to one of the worst times of our lives. I couldn’t imagine not being able to go into to the vet’s office with him – having “curbside” service. But I guess we would’ve gotten through that too, what other option is there?

I can still vividly remember every detail leading up to surgery day; not sleeping the night before, just laying there looking at him, wondering/dreading all that was to come. Getting up early the day of surgery, to get him to the clinic for 7:3o AM; barely able to breathe during the day, worrying if he’d survive. Finally getting the call that surgery was done and he was in recovery, and that I could call later to see how he was. I’m so thankful he spent the night at the clinic so he could be carefully monitored – and that we could get some much needed rest! Then going to work the following afternoon, knowing I was leaving about 9pm to go get him and bring him home.



All of these memories are etched into my very being, yet I sometimes have trouble remembering little details about him. Sometimes I’m afraid he’s starting to really slip away from me – yet I remember vividly the sight of him hopping down the hall when we went to get him, and the horrible yelp he let out when we tried to get him in the back of my Rav4. Many things have become a blur, but what I remember most is my love for him – the way my heart swells even today whenever I think about him. Sometimes I think I’ve put him on a pedestal as the years pass, that he’s become this ultimate perfect companion – bigger than life,  never to be imitated or duplicated, if that makes any sense.


solar light


And yet, life goes on….meanwhile, back at the Ehlers’ ranch….Kodi turned 16 in March and continues to do well, in a doddering old man way. He sleeps a lot, but then he’ll bounce and run to the car to go for a ride. He has earned his spot as the patriarch of the pack, and gets spoiled shamelessly. Grizzly turned 3 in June, and has taken over the hunting job that was Kodi’s for over a decade; he obsessively gets us up at the crack of dawn to check out the back porch and walk the fence line, sniffing for critters. So far I haven’t seen any carcasses, but not for lack of trying. And finally, Tucker turned 2 in March; he is THE happiest dog I have ever encountered. He always has a toy in his mouth, is always smiling and wagging his little body, and follows me everywhere! The tots keep each other amused, and run and chase each other for hours a day. Weather pending, we take several walks a week, Kodi in his stroller at times, and all 3 of them walking (while I push the stroller) at others.


Kodi, 16 years old


Grizzly, 3 years old


Tucker, 2 years old



getting ready for a walk


The Tots


In 2 short months, my Tripawd Tribe will be coming to Wisconsin for our annual vacation together. We’ve rented a house up on the beautiful Door Peninsula right on Lake Michigan. I’m so excited for them to meet “The Terrorist’s”, and spend a relaxing week together.


our private beach


our rental house


Until next time, wishing you peace and love from the Ehlers’ ranch.

5 Responses to “Nitro’s 6th Ampuversary…”

  1. paws120 Says:

    Happy Ampuversary Angel Nitro 💖
    Always and forever in our hearts Paula… always.
    You have the most adorable terrorists, they look like the sweetest pups.
    Glad you are all getting through this nightmare healthy and without problems. I keep my fingers crossed all the time that everyone here stays healthy because the idea of curbside service horrifies me too.
    Look forward to photos from your get together, I hope you have a great time!
    Jackie and Huck 💖

  2. benny55 Says:

    Ypu always pay tribute to. Nitro so beautifully. The way you celebrate his life with all the remembrances you’ve put together are very special. Your words are always from your heart❤ Yes, Nitro deserves to be put on a Pedastool. Legends like Nitro earned the right.👍

    And yes, Kodi deserves his own Pedastool too…it’s just a little shorter! And then Grizz and Tucker even get their own tiny Pedastools too😎

    I just loooooove ecery sk gle picture yoh post of these three. Cuteness times three!! Taking them on a walk is a like uour own little cuteness Festival. Tje tykes in their harnesses and King Kodi in his Chariot…precious!.

    Grizz, leave those critters alone! I love his little morning patrol routine.

    The Zen picture is a special touch 👍
    Lots of love. Thank you Nitro for bringing us the wonderful hooman❤

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Michelle Says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 6 years Paula. Time just goes so fast. I remember Nitro so well and he was such a true Warrior even at the end. I can’t wait to meet the Trio and wish I would have gotten a chance to meet Nitro. I know one day I will 🙂

    Sending hugs and love today and always. I can’t wait for August. It will be relaxing and getting to see your area of the country. 🙂

    love and hugs

    Michelle, Snickers, Jazz, Chief & Angels Sassy, Bosch & Baby Simba

  4. jerry Says:

    Wow time flies! I can’t believe it’s been six years but I know these things can still feel like yesterday. It sucks that you had to go through the amputation journey but we are so blessed with you love and friendship because you did. Nitro sent you are way for comfort, and we are all richer because he did.

    I agree, he was a one of a kind never to be replicated hero dog! We will love that boy always and furever!

  5. brownie1201 Says:

    Hi Paula, You and Nitro started your journey before Brownie and I. But by reading all your post I can see how blessed you and Nitro were to have each other. I love the shrine of Nitro. I don’t believe that Nitro will ever slip from your heart. No, he will be there forever. Your two little guys are just adorable. I am originally from Michagan. Lake Michigan is just beautiful. Remember to send pictures on the happy reunion.


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