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31 Oct 2020

Another Heavenly Birthday for Nitro

Author: Paula | Filed under: Uncategorized

Another Heavenly birthday for my Warrior, my Angel, my Heart-Dog. I don’t get on the site very often these days – life just seems to get in the way – but I still think of Nitro daily. I talk to him too…just a few days ago we had a heart-to-heart. You see, his brother Kodi was in a bad way; we didn’t know if he would make it, or if it was time for him to join his brother in heaven. Tears running down my face, I stood by Nitro’s corner of honor in our living room, begging him to whisper in Kodi’s ear and say “NOT YET”.


Kodi had had a Grand Mal seizure in the middle of the night. I’d never witnessed one before, and it terrified me; I was sure he was going to die before we got across town to the ER vet. He survived, but what a ruff night that was! When he came out of it (in the post-ictal stage), he was so restless, he paced for 6 hours straight! We got him in to our regular vet the next morning, and after examining him she said “it doesn’t look good”. He was just laying there, limp and barely moving. I suggested it was due to exhaustion, as he’d been up pretty much all night.  She kept him for the afternoon to administer IV Lasix and when she called with an update, she said I was correct – he WAS just tired….he was in the kennel barking and being a “Westie”. The next morning she saw him again, and was elated at the vast improvement in him. She did determine that due to his heart murmur, he is most likely in congestive heart failure; but with different drugs, it can be managed. THANK YOU NITRO! He’s still a little shaky on his feet, but he’s slowly returning to his “normal” self.




This was taken a day before the seizure…he knew it time for his nightly meds and wasn’t having it! He made me walk all the way out to the back of the yard to retrieve him.


Grizz and Kodi


Trio of Terrorists


Tot Bookends



Grizz’s autumn reflection

The best part of this awful year was that our Tripawd Tribe was able to get together for our annual vacation, this time in Wisconsin. We had a great time, with some ups and downs, but we’re so blessed to have had that time together.

our beach for the week


Cave Point, Door County WI


“Saint Sally” made the trip!

So we celebrate my brave Warrior Nitro, who changed my life, who is watching down from heaven, and who brought me my Tripawd Family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet boy….be good, mama loves you!

8 Responses to “Another Heavenly Birthday for Nitro”

  1. midnighter94 Says:

    Oh Nitro! I missed your Birthday! I’m so, so sorry! I was just sitting here and all of a sudden it hit me that I missed it, I can’t believe it, I immediately came to your blog to see what your mom wrote <3
    I'm so glad that you helped Kodi, you're such a great big brother.
    I'm glad that Glenn, Cooper & I were able to make it to at least part of our "family" vacation. It's always wonderful to see all of you again.
    Love you sister of my heart <3

  2. jerry Says:

    Aww Halloween baby, Hoppy Birthday in Heaven Nitro! I hope you had a great pawty with all our beloved heroes on your special day. We think of you often too and are so grateful that you watch over our furbabies like Kodi!

    Woah, super glad the old man is good, Paula. That’s terrifying, I hope I never experience something like that, and I’m so grateful he survived and is back to his old self. Kodi, you are a rock star! Keep on lovin’ life!!!

    Glad you guys are doing well. Stay safe and warm, and give the terrorists some extra lovin from your Tripawd family.

  3. benny55 Says:

    Awww sweet Nitro, our dear sweet Nitro♥️ I actually got to visit your home this summer and see your bruddha Kodi. And, of course the two Tykes you sent to bring some joy and laughter back into your home, Grizz and Tucker. 😊 I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to meeting these three jn person. I felt like I was meeting three famous little RockStars!

    On top of that, I got to meet your Dad (aka The Voice of Reason)….and I got to hig him too!🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️💪 Ohhh myyy.blushing just thinking about it!.

    Another highlight was to see your “tribute corner”. It was such a wonderful compilation of so many happy memories. Io gotmtk see the patio where you would sunbathe with your Mom🌞

    One thi g I wa ted to do was get a picture with that wonderful “Nitro Dog” in the living room. Yeah, you still loom large in your home!!

    I am soooo glad you were watching over Kodi during his recent scare! I knew you would be…I really did!! You heard your Mom’s plea for your help and you delivered😊

    Make no mistake about it Nitto, you still continue to have an impact on all of us who have the privilege of knowing you and your hoomans. As you know, your Mom has had a pawsitive impact on my life and the life of my dogs in soooo ,any ways and on soooo many levels. I often tell her because of her and some of the vacay “tribe” I know what a shelter dog feels like when it’s adopted and loved❤ You already kow how big her heart is though, because you are her heart dog and she is your heart hooman💖💖💖

    So yeah, thank you for being born. As you can see, you life matters💖 I ate some ice cream tonight and shared it with Frankie and Merry Myrtle to celebrate uoir birthday.

    With love and appreciation
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • dobemom Says:

      Thanks Sally…it was the highlight of our summer to have you attend the annual Tripawd Tribe vacation, and to have you visit our home. You’ve made a pretty big impact on my life too – love you tons!

  4. brownie1201 Says:

    Happy Birthday Nitro. I am sure you and Brownie have become the best of friends. Paula. so happy Kodi is doing better. Nitro will always look after the two of you. I love the corner of honor!

    Is that Sally with that bottle of whiskey?

    • dobemom Says:

      Yes, that is indeed “Saint Sally”! She even rode a motorcycle while she was here….who knew such a wild woman lurked beneath her sweet, loving exterior!

  5. Michelle Says:

    Happy Birthday Nitro in heaven. Thanks for looking out for your brother Kodi this week. I know your mom is so greatful.

    I know life gets in the way but you are always apart of this family and you will always have Nitro’s blog keep us updated.

    Like I said before only a few positives this year in 2020 and our “family” vacation was one of them. I am so glad we decided the year before that August was better who knew at that time what 2020 would bring. If our vacation had been in May no one would have gotten to come. I can’t wait for next years.

    Happy Birthday again Nitro. You will never be forgotten.

    Michelle, Snickers, Jazz, Chief and Angels Sassy, Bosch and Baby Simba

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