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25 Jul 2020

3 Years in Heaven…..Warrior Angel Nitro

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Another year has come and gone without my heart-dog by my side. He’s now been gone almost as long as he was a Tripawd; it’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since his diagnosis. I still think of him EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Those days (years) seem like a dream now, a very distant memory…which, I suppose is not a bad thing. That stress and anguish is not something that can be sustained forever.



Wish I’d had this shirt back then, I could’ve used the advice! I try to make this my attitude today, with every new challenge I face. Speaking of……


Having a dog who is 16+ years old is a new challenge! Besides his long-standing Cushing’s issue, Kodi now has a corneal ulcer in one eye. The cause is unknown, could be he just scratched it while sniffing a bush. We’re trying antibiotic eye drops for a week to see if there is improvement; if not, he may need to see an ophthalmologist at the referral vet. And of course, there is the arthritis that comes with being an old dude, but he can still “sprint” to the car for a ride.



Then there are the tots…..the joyfulness of youth! They continue to provide daily amusement for us all. Grizzly has been on a hunting mission of late – all hours, day or night. I’m not sure what’s out there, in our yard, but he insists on searching. And Tucker, is, well, Tucker. Always smiling, happy-go-lucky, clown of the household. Always has to be near someone, loves to cuddle. They are the perfect combo – playing, chasing, tormenting – each other….so much fun to watch.


Love Bug Grizzly




Tucker “T”



Three weeks from today will be the 4th annual Tripawd Family Vacation….Wisconsin-style! I can’t wait for my “Tribe” sisters to come visit us – and meet the family. We even have Angel Sally (Benny55) heading this way; a week in the beautiful Door Peninsula is just what the doctor ordered after the crazy, upside-down months of the pandemic.  Our rental house – on the shore of Lake Michigan – should prove to be a wonderful, relaxing, much-needed reset on life. I’m sure there will be some Cards Against Humanity in our near future. These special women (and a couple hubby’s) are the gift that Nitro keeps on giving!

So this is where I am today….time keeps moving forward as it is meant to do… the pain of losing Nitro has lessened, I have the love and friendship of some very wonderful women. My life at this point in time is pretty okay….and remember, “If your path leads you through Hell, walk as if you own the place!” Sending peace and love, from the Ehlers’ Ranch

P.S. As is my custom, I leave you with my tribute to the most beautiful Dobe on the planet…




3 Responses to “3 Years in Heaven…..Warrior Angel Nitro”

  1. jerry Says:

    Three years an angel and his spirit is as bright and loved as the day we met him. Nitro, you will never be furgotten. What a legacy you have left to this community, and every brave human and animal who joins us in the future.

    Paula, the strength you have gained in these last three years is impressive. To be able to look back on his life with you and remember the good times with gratitude, instead of pure sadness, well, it shows how much more wisdom you’ve picked up along the way.

    The rest of the pack is just so darn adorable! I feel your challenges with the old dog thing, we are dealing with that too, with Wyatt. If only he had a pack of young, spunky dogs to keep him on his toes! They all look great.

    And I can’t wait to see your reunion photos. I’m so sad we can’t be there! We will miss you gals.


  2. benny55 Says:

    I knew I shouldn’t watch Nitro’s tribute video tonight. I just did want the trars to flow quite yet. I took a deep breath and the tears started with the first chord of the song. Rvery single time I watch it though, I find something more special, even more toiuching. That I missed before

    I know how Nitro liked to be touching you, and you hjm. This loving little “touching ritual” you two had was often subtle, but always there. And oh ,y goodness, the way he would stretch out his beautiful head so he could kiss you, or get kissed by you. So special. Bery special pictures

    I know you miss him every day Paula. I know you do. But when you look at all the ways he, not only touched you, but touched all of us. The way he brought us all together, the way he still reaches out to help inspire others on the Tripawd site and gives them hope…..this beautiful Soul knew his mission on earth was quite expansive. I know that, you know that, my life and the lives of my dogs have certainly been touched by Nitro’s grace through you.

    You will always be Nitro’s Heart Hooman. Nitro knew he would be your Heart Dog from the day he was born. Yep, just like you have his name tattooed. he had your name tattooed on his heart with the first beat ❤

    Of course I always loved reading about the Tykes and the world’s best Uncle. Or is it Grandpa? Kodi’s photos sure do look like he’s a youngster!

    Hope Grizz behaves when you try amd put drops in his eye. Of course, you have The Voice of Reason to help!

    The pics of “T” and Grizz are as cute as can be. Tucker’s color of his coat looks like it’s gotten more noticeable. Such adorable pups.

    Cannot wait to meet them and to see all the beautiful tributes to Nitro firsthand. And of course, to meet The Voice Of Reason! I’ll probably have to beat Linda back with a stick so I can have some “quality ” time with him😎

    I think Donna and Lisa are bringing their is too…and hubbies too! We’ll need to lock Lknda up!

    Yep, this old girl is flying from Virginia to go to Wisconsin and see all our tripawd family that Nitro, and all our other dogs, arranged for us to be together and unite in ways they already planned out long before they came to earth❤❤

    So, our trip to Wisconsin is yet another way Nitro continues to touch us all. We shall all tip our toes into Lake Michigan as we salute the Mighty Warrior Nitro!

    With love
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Happy Angelversary Nitro. I wish I would have gotten to meet you in person. I know you would have been a so awesome. Thank you for bringing your mom into my life.

    They say there is always a reason for things we go through. I think we all needed and need each other our babies knew that. This journey even though was tough for all of us made us family for that I am greatful.

    I love that tribute you did and always have. Kodi is so sweet and I can’t wait to meet him and the Tots.

    3 weeks and counting and I can’t wait 🙂

    Sending love and hugs

    Michelle, Snickers, Jasmine, Chief and Angels Sassy, Bosch and Baby Simba

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