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16 Jul 2015

A New Issue to Deal With

Author: dobemom | Filed under: Uncategorized

Tripawds Nation, I need your help….

No, Nitro is doing awesome; its his brother Kodi who now has issues.

A few weeks ago, he developed a fungal infection in his paw and a staph infection on his belly. He was given antibiotics, anti-fungal, and prednisone. After numerous wetting accidents in the house (futon, carpet, dog bed,  OUR bed), and having been off the pred for some time, my gut feeling is Cushing’s Disease. We are now in the process of diagnosing this by ruling out everything else first.

I’m wondering if anyone out there has experience with this disease, and if they could give me some pointers. If he’s got this, I know it could SO be worse, but I’m still concerned. Any help/advice would be most welcome. Thank you2013-03-15 13.40.27

6 Responses to “A New Issue to Deal With”

  1. benny55 Says:

    You know we needed a CUTENESS ALERT! ,I just had a sugar rush from so much sweetness!
    Kodi is absolutely adorable!!

    Yeah, I was gonna suggest Dr. Pam too, as well as posting in the forums to see if any others have advice.

    Try not to worry…yeah, right! Not knowing anything about the disease,his symptons sound like they could be so many other things. The links the Admin Guy gave should help.

    So that handsome Nitro is doing great! That’s such good news!

    Sending huge hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    • dobemom Says:

      Thanks Sally, like I told Michelle, I just have to figure out how to ask Dr. Pam!
      And yes, Kodi is pretty adorable and he knows it. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. benny55 Says:


  3. Michelle Says:

    I haven’t ever had to deal with cushings disease so I don’t know much about it. Maybe post in the ask a vet and Dr Pam can answer your questions?

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. admin Says:

    Oh No! Don’t miss these forum topics mentioning Cushing’s Disease. Or, you can search all Tripawds blogs here.

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