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31 Oct 2015


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Greetings Tripawd Nation!!!

I’m 10 years old today! Mom’s letting me do the post in honor of my birthday! I guess it’s a pretty special day here for the ‘rents, Mom’s eyes are suspiciously shiny for some reason. I guess she never thought I’d be here for this day after that horrible “C” word came to visit. Sure, my life is different than it used to be, but it’s still a GREAT life! I may not rollerblade with Mom like I used to, or run 5 miles a day with Dad, but boy, do I ever get the attention! I don’t even miss that spare leg anymore.  Me and bro Kodi have always been spoiled, but now we REALLY get spoiled! For my special day, Dad’s grilling steaks for us, and then we get to go to DQ for dessert! (Thanks, Sally, for putting those ideas in Mom’s head…:)


Lookin” good for a 10 yr old Dobie!

Nopawdy knows how long we’ll be here on this Earth, but for now, I’m doing great….and that makes Mom SOOOO happy! She says I’m her Cancer Warrior, and my vets call me “Rock Star”…..I am a VERY lucky guy! Thanks, Tripawd peeps, you all mean the world to my family.


It might take me 3.5 seconds now

It might take me 3.5 seconds now

P.S. A special birthday shout-out to Spirit Jerry and Wyatt’s dad!

10 Responses to “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!”

  1. careygram Says:

    I just read every entry and here I am with shiny eyes too. Nitro is gorgeous, his brother is adorable and I am SO HAPPY he is doing so well. What a special boy. Reading blogs helps me realize that I’m not crazy. I believe you said the grief was soul shattering and you couldn’t eat. I related completely. I know I’m in good hands with great people. Give Nitro and his bro a big kiss from me, Patches and Rooster. Thanks for your support from the very beginning. XOXO

  2. jerry Says:

    Oh oh OHHHHH!!!! You handsome pup Nitro, we are so thrilled you are embarking on another decade in life and kicking BUTT!!! Hoppy Birthday to you handsome, may you have a million more ahead of you.

    And thank you for the sweet birthday wishes, we’re just now coming up for air from a craaaaazy weekend. Hope you had a blast with your big celebration too!!! xoxo

  3. izzysmomma Says:

    Hoppy Birthday to you, Nitro! I always thought of Halloween as Izzy’s birthday – not sure when it really is but guessed some time in late October. That said, my lil Halloween hopper is now 12!

  4. Codie Rae Says:

    Happy Hippy Hoppy Birthday Nitro! Steak is my preferred way to celebrate too! SO cool you are rockin’ the decade thing too, we are 30 days apart. Hope your coming year is full of steak and ice cream and whatever else your warrior heart desires!

    Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

  5. anitars Says:

    Looks like you had an awesome day! Steak and DQ! What a fantastic celebration! Grammy says that shiny eyes are just her eyes are shining with pride and admiration at how tenacious and determined and amazingly awesome I am.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! … I should ask Grammy if I can have steak and DQ in honour of your birthday.

    lots of love and good wishes!
    Whisper. Grammy, Mom & Auntie J

  6. cpessoni Says:

    Yayyyyy -Happy Birthday!! This is a big deal, and it sounds like it was celebrated appropriately – with good treats and lots of love. Way to go Nitro!!!

  7. benny55 Says:

    Such a special day for a very special boy!!!


    Loving these birthday pictures! You are really stylin’ that fine looking scarf. And your “welcome” sign…perfect!!!

    Very cute birthday card for a v ery cute boy! So glad you got your steak and ice cream for this great celebration day!!

    You are a very loved boy!

    Thank you for providing so much inspiration and hope for everyone starting this journey. You jumped into your earth clothes ten hears ago knowingnyou had a lretty big mission to accomplish. You are doing it brilliantly!

    Thanks for inviting us to your pawty AND for sharing these great pictures! You are just so darn good looking!!

    Love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  8. Michelle Says:

    Happy Birthday Nitro. I am so glad you have kicked butt. I know exactly why your mom has shiny eyes today 🙂 But you have done so great xoxoxox
    many more to come. Enjoy your steaks

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  9. linda8115 Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday you beautiful boy!! You are a true Warrior and you deserve all the spoiling you can soak up! You and Kodi enjoy your steaks and ice cream and make sure you let mom and dad know how much they too are loved! Hugs and much love!
    Linda, Bob & Max

  10. mom2shelby Says:

    HAPPY birthday Nitro!!!!! We are so glad you are still here and looking amazing as always! Such a handsome guy!!!! Hugs and love and enjoy your steak!

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