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18 Sep 2016

Puppy Up Get-Together

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Team Tripawd

I finally got to meet some more of my Tripawd Family members this weekend, and it was surely the highlight of my summer! The only way it could’ve been better was if Nitro could’ve made the trip. But I made the right decision to leave him at home with his dad and brother. Besides the fact that he hates other dogs, I’m sure the hotel experience would’ve been too much for him. Donna’s Murphy, however, made it look easy. He never stopped smiling – ever! Nitro would’ve loved leaning on, and hugging everyone, but I’m afraid hotel life would have been too taxing on him – elevators, long distances to go potty, etc. But he was definitely there in spirit, as were many others…Otis, Neka, Sassy, Max to name a few.


Murphy is all smiles!

Murphy is all smiles!

Friday night gathering at hotel

Friday night we gathered in Donna and Glenn’s room, drank some wine, ordered pizza and TALKED (and talked, and talked). It was the most amazing experience, the instant bond. We talked non-stop for 7 hours; we laughed, we cried, we hugged, and I hope, we started a healing process for some. We exchanged information, and ideas, and experiences. I just can’t get over how it feels like I’ve known you all my life.

Bear’s tent, really?

Tripawd's Booth

Tripawd’s Booth


Christine with Otis's tribute banner

Christine with Otis’s tribute banner

It was a beautiful day for a walk, despite the bees (Murphy did his best to kill them for us). It was over all too soon, but it was an awesome time. My next bucket-list item is to make it to an East Coast Tripawd get-together and meet more of my family, especially the founders of this amazing site. In a perfect world, we could ALL meet, in one spot, and I think that pawty would last for a week and we’d still have things to talk about!

Toy from Linda

Toy from Linda

Until we meet again…..keep rockin’ it on 3!

Paula and Nitro

6 Responses to “Puppy Up Get-Together”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Awesome time. Paula and everyone so neat and awesome. Shared lots of stories. Talked about some happy and some not some happy but hopefully it all helps. I honestly felt so choked up I cried a lot. Every time I turned around just tears. If you ever get a chance to do a Puppy up walk emotional. But I think a lot of it had to do with our Tripawd family.

    Thank you Paula and Linda. Glenn & Donna and Murphy for sharing your room with us on Friday

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. mom2shelby Says:

    GREAT photos!!!! This looks like it was so much fun!!! I get what you mean.. when I am with my Tripawds family, it is magical… like we have known each other for forever. It’s a bond unlike any other. I am so glad you all had so much fun and thank you for sharing the moments with us too! XO

  3. jerry Says:

    Wheeeee! If anypawdy knows how to pawty it’s the Tripawds Nation! Paula I can’t even tell you how envious I am that you all met. You’ve become our family and I promise, someday we WILL hold a central Tripawds party so everyone can meet. Thanks for all you do and encouraging the love and growth of this amazing community. xoxo

  4. benny55 Says:

    Okay…..completely choked up over here!! I KNOW how much to gathering meant to everyone in so many levels!!! As you said, laughter, love and a lot of tears…and bonds that are furever forged in your hearts!

    To see the tribute pictures, the shirts, etc…lovely.

    And I saw my Happy Hannae’s ribbon so clearly! The little M&M guy…tears again!

    The pictures are spectacular!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO SHARE!! Niw you guys start planning for next May ..East Coast!!

    So much love to each of you!!

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS…Koday…..OMD…Beyond cute!!

  5. midnighter94 Says:

    I’m so happy that we finally got to meet in person! We talk all the time in the chat room, but to meet face-to-face is so nice! It really is like we’ve known each other forever. It’s amazing how something so simple as a dog can bring so many people together. Maybe that’s “why us?”

  6. linda8115 Says:

    It surely was a great time. I rode with Paula so I got the gift of spending some time loving on beautiful Nito and Kodi too! Nito LOVES people just not other dogs. He’s like a love sponge he just absorbs all the loving that you can give him. Kodi does too! Both amazing furfaces. It was a perfect weekend.

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