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8 Jan 2018

Video Tribute to Warrior Nitro

Author: dobemom | Filed under: Uncategorized


Several 1years ago I heard this song and knew I wanted to use it as background music for a video tribute to Nitro’s life. The words really hit home, and I cry whenever I hear it…. but it is so fitting of our love for him. I hope you enjoy this small glimpse of our life together.


Two things hit home when I viewed the finished product…..most of the pictures/memories depict his life after amputation, and he always had something in his mouth. I was troubled at first that I seem to define him only as a tripawd, but then I realized that ┬áthat is what made us so close. ┬áThat journey that no one wants to take, bonded us deeply, till the end of time. Until we meet again, “be good, mama loves you!”

4 Responses to “Video Tribute to Warrior Nitro”

  1. danielle Says:

    THAT was beautiful, and a perfect choice of songs. I loved the puppy picture of him too. I thankfully took a few iPhone videos of Gerry last winter, loving the snow too, as well as a few this summer, and I’m so blessed to have thought to do it. I watch him hopping through the connected back yards of all my neighbors who loved him, brings a smile and tear. If I was as tech savvy as you, they’d be posted, but I’ll find someone to help me get them online for all to see. As so many people have said, it is OBVIOUS this guy knew you loved him…he showed it back with every touch of his paw, or face in your face! I put the photo of his paw touching you on my Pinterest page, because it was as priceless of those I have of Gerry doing it to me. Thank you for making me feel better, without even trying.

  2. linda8115 Says:

    Beautiful video with priceless pictures of a majestic gutsy Warrior! Your love for him and his love for you transcends time and place!

  3. Michelle Says:

    I loved the video Paula. I am thinking about something you said the only pictures you have depicts his life after amputation. I know I took pictures of Sassy before amputation but once we had that diagnosis it was like I wanted to document everything. Never to forget her.
    The other thing is looking back at my past dogs lives. I know I don’t have that many pictures of them. (Film cameras and once digital came out i started taking more).
    Nitro knows you loved him and this memorial video shows it..

    Thinking of you. Hugs xoxoxxoo
    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. benny55 Says:

    Yes Paula, this journey deepens the bond in ways we could never imagine
    possible!! Regrettably I didn’t have many pictures of Happy Hannah (before tavlet) but jad numerous ones once she became a tripawd (after tavlet).

    Your love for this voy, znd his for you, is a beautiful thing to behold. You did a perfectw job of capturing who he is with each photo. It’s such an honor to see this “album” of his. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I’m going to “copy” my reply to the forum post, as I can’t really add to those feelings that flowed with no effort while I focused on sweet Nitro.

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