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23 Feb 2019

Nitro’s Final Resting Place

Author: dobemom | Filed under: Uncategorized

After a year and a half of seeing my boy sitting in a bag in my computer room, I decided it was time to find an appropriate final resting place for him. It didn’t take long before I found the perfect memorial for him. I didn’t realize until it came today, that I’d subconsciously picked out the perfect words for his urn…..







I’m very pleased with the final outcome, and I think he would be too.  <3 <3 <3



11 Responses to “Nitro’s Final Resting Place”

  1. admin Says:

    Beautiful memorial to a true Tripawd Warrior.

  2. jerry Says:

    Awww Paula this is just sooooo beautiful. I am honored to have been a part of your healing process. Nitro is definitely a proud angel warrior, one whose life story will always be legendary around here. Never forgotten indeed.


  3. Carol Says:

    Brought tears to my eyes. Dobermans are indeed the best.

  4. dobemom Says:

    Thank you dear friends for sharing this with me and just “knowing” that this is perfect for him. I can’t turn back time to have him with me again, but I’m so grateful something so wonderful came out of our journey…YOU! All of you mean so much to me! Love you all!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  5. benny55 Says:

    QOW!!!! QOW!!!! QOW!!! I literally, literally, said “OH WOW!! WOW! OH WOW” out loud several times!! And, on top of that, I immediately got chills jad ro toe! Hace then right now as I type this!!

    Paula, this is the most PERFECT way to honor your boy!! And you tie this in with all the other beautiful ways you pay tribute to him…yeah, PERFECT!!!

    And Paula, make no mistake about it. Paula, he has a little tribute corner to you in his bedroom at the Bridge. He has a little basket that has his laser light that reminds him of you when he plays with it. He has a picture of a Cardinal…yeah, a Cardinal. But his most favorite thing is a blanket he has. He has a picture of the two of you imprinted on the blanket, and Kodi is in the background too. But what makes it extra special is what he has printed on the bottom.
    “Your presence I miss,
    Your memories I treasure
    Loving you always,
    Forgetting you never.
    You will always be my Warrior Woman,
    and I’ll always be your Warrior Man.
    You will always be my heart human
    I will always be your heart dog”❤

    After the Angel’s wiggle the laser light for him to chase every night, Nitro snuggles in his blanket as he prepares to always visit you as you sleep. And he does visit you every night. The Tiny Tykes see him. Kodi seems him. John sees him, but thinks it’s his imagination so he doesn’t say anything. After all, his image could be ruined as The Voice of Reason.

    Paula, what you have done to celebrate Nitro truly is magical. You have developed tributes that are from your heart….auch a pure space in your heart that belongs to Nitro. Nitro will ALWAYS be your Heart Dog.

    I love you dear Paula. We all l love you💖 Yes dear Paula, you are easy to love😊

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  6. dawn3g Says:

    Tears here too. What a beautiful, perfect, fitting place for Nitro. I hope to do as well for my girl <3
    I am going to copy your "Always Loved, Never Forgotten" jewelry–how fitting for your Warrior.

  7. midnighter94 Says:

    Wow, Paula, that’s just perfect! I absolutely love it <3


  8. linda8115 Says:

    That is Nitro “perfect” and I’m betting Nitro “approved”! Nitro wears his “Warrior” well! As do you my friend as do you!

  9. dobemom Says:

    Thanks Michelle, loving him was easy


  10. Michelle Says:

    Wow!!!!! That brought me to tears. I absolutely love it. I think it fits him. And the words. The saying and how it fits the bracelets. <3 <3 <3

    A True Warrior for sure.

    Thank you for sharing

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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